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Thursday, July 13, 2017

BANNERS: National FRENCH FRY/FRIES Day! | July 13

Whether you like them curly or crinkle, shoestring or wedges, sweet or regular, spicy or plain, today is the day to celebrate and indulge in your favourite form of fries cause today is National French Fry/Fries Day!!

According to a 1200-participant survey conducted by McCain Canada, of Florenceville, NB, the unofficial French fry capital of the world, sixty percent of Canadians agree that eating French fries makes them happy.

And women are better at sharing their French fries with others than men. In fact, 63% of Canadian women were willing to share their fries compared to 49% of the men.

Poutine or French Fries?
Fifty-two percent of Canadians prefer French fries while 48 percent prefer poutine. But tastes are evolving. A firm majority of Canadians under 35, 65 percent of them, pick poutine over French fries.

And what's Canadians' most favourite style of fries? The straight-cut followed by the shoestring!
Happy National French Fry Day!

Source(s): mccain | torontosun

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